Planned Giving

As a donor to the Sam Houston Area Council, you can use your giving to achieve personal goals, enhance your financial security, and to help shape the future of Scouting. Planned giving includes a number of ways for you to include charitable giving in your total financial plan. There are advantageous tax treatments of gifts under both state and federal law. Planned giving can help you maximize these tax benefits. Here is a brochure with an overview of a few planned giving options.

Tax advantages can often make it possible for you to provide a greater gift than you thought possible, while also benefiting your family and heirs. Many donors and supporters of Scouting have chosen planned giving as a way to show their interest in supporting Scouting beyond their lifetime, while realizing some tax benefits today.

The type of asset and the way it is given to Scouting determines the actual tax and financial benefits that can result from a gift. Certain planned gift arrangements provide you with an opportunity to diversify your holdings, turn highly appreciated assets into a gift that provides you income, and allow you to enjoy significant tax savings. With careful planning today, you may reduce or eliminate estate, inheritance, or gift taxes, allowing your family and the charities you support to receive the full benefits of your life's work. Certain gift plans actually result in a greater amount of wealth passed on to your family.

As with all financial decisions, a planned gift should be designed with care. A planned giving professional should work closely and confidentially with you to ensure that your gift achieves your individual goals, and expresses your personal vision.  Explore the many ways to give with the Guide to Planned Giving.  Read the Giving Questions and Scouting Answers for detailed examples to find what is right for you or learn more with our  Gift Planning Website below or the National Gift Annuity Program.

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Are you looking for an Estate Planning Professional?  The Sam Houston Area Council does not endorse or recommend any estate planning professionals or companies. We have compiled a Professional Directory of those who have attended one of our Professional Seminars.  Do your research and find one that you like.

Financial Planning Seminars

"Be Prepared" is the motto of the Boy Scouts of America. In an effort to help Scouting families and supporters prepare for the future, the Endowment Committee of the Sam Houston Area Council offers the following complimentary educational seminars. These seminars are for educational purposes only. Your information will remain confidential and there is no financial commitment.

Wills & Trusts Seminar:  Learn about the benefits and the importance of having a Will or Trust and how it can support your loved ones or organizations close to your heart.

CPE, CLE, and CFRE Course:  CPA’s, Attorneys, & CFRE’s are invited to attend the CPE / CLE course. You will receive credit hours and a certificate of completion will be issued.

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More Information

For more information about Planned Giving, attend a Wills & Trusts Seminar or a Professional Seminar and sign up for our monthly newsletter at the link below.

Devin D. Koehler, CFRE
Senior Development Director of Endowment
(713) 756-3321